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Renaissance Marketing in Charlottesville, Virginia offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to deliver higher rankings for your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The SEO process is designed to drive traffic to your website, helping potential customers learn about your products and services. Strong SEO helps search engine users quickly find and understand the value you provide, making their decision to do business with you easier and faster.


We start by reviewing your current website and your company’s online presence. We’ll talk with you about the objectives you have in several strategic areas:

  • Sales / Revenue
  • Customer Leads / Conversions
  • Brand Awareness / Trial / Repeat

We’ll review your industry and your competitors to discover the keywords and phrases used most frequently to describe (and search for) your offering.

Then, we’ll create a plan for both on-page(or on-page) SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

For this part of the process, we focus on the HTML source code on your website pages and your website content.

    • You may have heard SEO, and ‘keywords’ used interchangeably, with search engine optimization easily achieved by peppering high-value keywords in specific places throughout your website. Delivering an excellent experience to a website visitor was secondary to making sure search engines could find keywords.
    • Now, however, search engines are more sophisticated and can assess what your webpage means based on word choice, context, and word combinations. Keywords are still essential but delivering relevant content to webpage users has more influence on your website rankings.
    • That’s why the Renaissance Marketing team focuses on the following characteristics for strong on-page SEO:
  • Thoughtfulness. You need content and keywords/phrases that answer users’ questions.
  • User-friendliness. An easy-to-navigate, uncluttered page will be more appealing than one with ads and multiple links.
  • Uniqueness. If you have multiple pages, each should have unique content relevant to the specific page topic.
  • Credibility and trustworthiness. Your website is an online sales rep and should build the same trust as a face-to-face encounter.
  • Meeting expectations. Your website content should match up with search queries. A search for “Charlottesville SEO” should produce pages that address this topic.

Off-page SEO

Having your website promoted in other areas of the Internet improves your ranking since these external endorsements suggest your site is relevant and trustworthy. Links are a primary form of off-page SEO and can occur in two ways:

    • Natural Links happen when someone else’s content includes a link to your website. For example, a recent customer to a restaurant may include a natural link when leaving a review on
    • Manual or Outreach Links are those you’ve asked others to post for you. Relevant bloggers or influencers can write about your products or services and link readers to your site.

Our SEO programs extend across devices and media like mobile phones, videos, and press releases, and include detailed SEO reports of performance. At Renaissance Marketing, our SEO Services focus on creating connections, building your business, and your customers’ satisfaction.

We also offer SEO Richmond VA and SEO Roanoke VA. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.



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6 W Broad St Suite D, Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 814-4736


4925 Boonsboro Rd #258 Lynchburg, VA 24503
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