Digital Marketing Richmond VA

How to Make Digital Marketing Work for You and Your Customers

Marketing has always been part art, part science. Both are needed to get ROI from your marketing investment. So what are you looking for when it comes to hiring a firm and successfully executing Digital Marketing in Richmond, VA?

• The art. You develop buyer personas that describe the characteristics of your customers. Then your copywriters and designers use their artistic talents to build campaigns to reach these personas. If their messages don’t generate sales or if you have updates to share, the changeability of marketing – an artistic characteristic – allows you to revise and create new material.

• The science. Data drives results. You created personas after reviewing sales data and surveying customers. You may use A/B testing to decide which campaign will resonate more strongly with your target audience. Marketing, especially in the digital space gives you access to immense amounts of data for measuring how customers react to your efforts.

Companies are investing more in digital marketing in response to the growth of online activity. A recent marketing survey shows leaders intend to spend over 50% of their budget on digital activities in the next five years. Traditional marketing like trade deals or consumer promotions remains relevant, but digital marketing is expected to reach $120 billion by 2021, increasing about 11% each year.

Although the transition to the digital age has opened doors to more diverse and global audiences, it has also brought complexity to the marketing process. People can now respond to your marketing messages at any time through their phone, computer, tablet or laptop. Real or perceived ‘errors’ can quickly become ‘viral’ in the digital world. You need to understand how to interact and adjust quickly to remain relevant and successful.

Renaissance Marketing, a Richmond, Virginia agency, has the knowledge, experience, and tools to help.

Where do we start? — with a conversation designed to understand your needs and your goals.

• We’ll review your current digital marketing footprint – your website, your communications (emails, blogs) and your social media presence.
• We’ll come to the first meeting prepared with a basic understanding of your industry, your customers’ pain points, and initial recommendations about a program to get in front of customers.

Together, we’ll build a strategy and an action plan for enriching your digital marketing program.
Here are some of the tools we’ll use:

•  Search Engine Optimization
You may have top-notch service and exceptional product quality, but your business won’t grow if potential customers don’t know about you. The Renaissance Digital Marketing team will help you dominate the search landscape by:
o Optimizing searches through meta-titles, descriptions, and keywords for your website
o Creating local directory listings to get links to your site

• Paid Search Engine Marketing
When a potential customer searches for your product or service, paid search tools make sure your site is at the top of the list.
o Pay-per-click (PPC) sponsorships mean you’ll pay each time a potential customer clicks   on your link.
o Cost-per-impression (CPM) is less commonly used but these programs are structured so you pay when your ad or site link is displayed.

•  Programmatic Display Advertising
Instead of manually searching for online publications or websites your target audience might visit, you can invest in programmatic display advertising. Media buying can become automated (within a defined budget) and reach your audience almost immediately.
o A potential customer clicks on a web page.
o The page publisher puts up the ad space for auction.
o The advertiser with the largest bid gets the space.
o The ad is delivered, sometimes while the customer is still on the page.
o The potential customer can click on the ad and head to your website.

•  Content Coaching
Renaissance Marketing in Richmond will provide counsel about how to make your content useful for potential customers. Blog posts, infographics, videos, and podcasts are great tools for boosting your digital presence. You can educate customers about your products and services and demonstrate you’re a credible source of information – a company that provides value. Behind the scenes, your creative and IT teams can ensure content images and coding will deliver strong search results.

Ready to get more from your marketing dollars and boost your online presence through Digital Marketing in Richmond, VA? Contact us today to set up a convenient time to connect.