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Renaissance Marketing will provide you with a free assessment of your digital health and strategy, including your SEO.

See how a results-based marketing firm can enhance your organization’s growth.

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Our experts will work with you to create a truly effective approach to your marketing strategy and SEO through market research and analyzing historically successful campaigns. With the help of Renaissance Marketing, you can always optimize areas of your Digital Marketing strategy in Virginia and the USA, because there’s always room for improvement. When we follow our 4 core pillars, it helps us drive towards your strategic goals and focus on enhancing your ROI.

Understand the Brand, the Goals, and the Dreams

In order to truly help our clients, we believe we should know the brand inside and out. What are your values? What is your mission statement? What is your archetype? 

Assess Marketing Strategy

Our experts will work with you to create a truly effective approach to your marketing strategy through market research and analyzing historically successful campaigns.

Implement to the Highest Standards

Whoever said, “Do it right or don’t do it at all” had the right idea. We want to make our clients proud here at Renaissance Marketing

If you can Track it, you can Back it

Renaissance Marketing is proud to be a Digital Marketing firm in Virginia and the USA that utilizes marketing attribution as a best practice standard, especially for small to midsize businesses.


Local SEO is the new yellow pages. It helps you increase visibility and attract shoppers to your business by listing you as someone who offers the requested services or products. Customers can explore products and services online, ordered by geographical proximity. If you maximize your local SEO, you’ll increase your customer base. Consumers will go looking for one thing online and find relevant local businesses to use… you need to be on that list!


We offer internet marketing services using cutting edge technologies to place you above the competition.






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What Clients Say

  • Eric at Renaissance marketing has been great to work with. We have worked closely with Eric for a number of years. Our experience has been amazing. The results are fantastic and measurable. If you need an authentic marketing partner Eric at Renaissance has my highest recommendation.

    Chris Woolwine
  • Renaissance has done a brilliant job listening to our marketing needs, finding a range of options, and tailoring solutions to our budget and priorities. Great focus on ROI and effective innovation/experimentation!

    Shannon Atkins
  • I have used Eric Alonzi for 4 years as a trusted SEO and marketing resource. At YP he really acted in my companies best interest and not YP or getting a commission.

    Eric Sundberg
  • Eric knows his stuff. If you want the experience of dealing one on one with your marketing company, then Eric is the way to go.

    National Window and Door
  • Eric and Renaissance Marketing does great work. He is very knowledgeable and his SEO work is unmatched. He gives that big company feel but makes things easy to understand.

    Joseph Fields
  • I would recommend Renaissance Marketing Agency and SEO Firm for your website and SEO needs. It was easy working with Eric. His focus is on customer service, and a team approach for business success.

    Deborah Sadowski
  • Eric did a full review of digital and mobile marketing activities and was able to make some valuable recommendations for greater online visibility. He has a really good eye for SEO optimization and will work with a given budget to maximize results. Highly recommend for small business owners who want a more detailed a customized approach to online marketing

    Scott Zarges
  • Renaissance Marketing helped me grow my business online. Inquiries and sales increased significantly. Would recommend 5 stars!

    Melanie Eisele


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