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2017 research showed U.S. adults engage with media – television, print, radio, and digital – for more than 12 hours each day.  And half of that time is spent with digital media – laptops or desktops, tablets, and non-voice mobile sources like apps, music or social platforms and videos. We live in a digital world.

As a small business owner, keeping your business moving forward is a top goal. For your marketing efforts to get a good ROI (more sales), the brand information you share needs to reach customers where they live. While you may be physically located in Lynchburg or Forest, VA, your customers are spending time in the digital space. Digital media is a ‘must-have’ element of your marketing plan.


Strong digital marketing efforts help you ace your sales targets. How?  By generating awareness of your brand, converting awareness into trial, and engaging with customers again and again to build repeat business and loyalty.

  • Awareness activities in digital marketing have a key goal: acquiring customers. You have several tools available to increase awareness.
    1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)When your content and website include words and phrases your customers are likely to use when researching solutions, your company rises to the top of search engine results. Businesses searching for seo Lynchburg VA, for example, will see our site rank among the top resources.
    2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)This traffic and lead-generating activity provides a good ROI, since it can be set up to get targeted exposure to potential customers. The paid section of the search engines can be very effective in getting customers to click to your site or call. With machine learning and improved security, you can verify views are actual customers and not ‘bots.’
    3. Online AdvertisingYou have many options for reaching a broad or targeted online audience including display ads on apps and social media platforms, news feeds, and email marketing.
    4. These are elements within the digital marketing arena that make your website visible so you can get more leads and customers.


  • Converting awareness into customers starts with establishing a connection. Connections are built by providing relevant online content with useful information in easy-to-understand language. Ideally, content encourages potential customers to go to your website for additional information.
    1. Website DesignStructuring your website to transform visitors into buyers involves both art and science. Visuals, colors, font style and size are artistic elements evoking emotional responses. Yet proportion, layout, and symmetry affect how easy your site is to navigate and how well your messages are understood.


  • Engaging with customers consistently throughout their journey through post-purchase helps deliver a positive customer experience. How does engagement take shape?
    1. On-boarding and user supportincluding access to customer service, online training manuals and product demonstration videos.
    2. Incentives for repeat purchasesdelivered via email or through online promotional programs.
    3. Personalized communication based on prior purchases and behavior. This demonstrates understanding of customer needs and offers solutions to address specific problems.


Every marketing initiative starts with a strategy and digital marketing is no exception. Our team at Renaissance Marketing will work with you to understand your goals, your customer targets, and your brand.

We’ll develop a plan and use the right combination of digital marketing tools – from search engine marketing to website design – to help you deliver consistent content that converts. And we’ll help with post-purchase engagement tactics to improve customer retention.

How will we know what works?  Digital marketing activity quickly provides ‘big data’ for key metrics like site visits and clicks. We also use marketing attribution software to find out which elements in your campaign are most valuable to your sales efforts.

For more information about digital marketing and website design in Lynchburg VA, contact our team. We also provide digital marketing services from our offices in Richmond and Roanoke.


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6 W Broad St Suite D, Richmond, VA 23220
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4925 Boonsboro Rd #258 Lynchburg, VA 24503
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