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Social Media Marketing as a tool to grow your customer base

Social Media Marketing (SMM) uses the highly linked profiles and interests of sites like Facebook to build up website traffic and your customer base. When you create content that attracts attention and encourages social media users to share it with their networks, you can get an online word of mouth effect of advertising and branding. This form of marketing is an earned media rather than a directly paidĀ  for media by garnishing genuine interest.

How We can Help You

Renaissance Marketing can work with you to develop a unique social media marketingĀ approach that is custom designed for your business objectives. We can help you to use social media and your blog to:

  • Engage your current customer base
  • Increase exposure and rankings on search engines
  • Monitor your brand reputation
  • Build inbound marketing
  • Provide customer service
  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Connect with new prospects
  • Mitigate negative feedback
Social Media Marketing Lynchburg

Need Social Media Marketing Services?

Renaissance Marketing in Lynchburg has a proven track record in Social Media Marketing services. For many companies, it’s worth it to hire Renaissance Marketing to maintain your social media marketing campaigns because of how much time is required to build a truly successful marketing initiative. You will also be confident because of our commitment to our 3rd Core Pillar, that we will Implement to the Highest Standards. Producing a quality solution will ensure we attain the best results.

Our Social Media Marketing services will fit the needs of different size businesses. A sole proprietor Attorney has different marketing needs than a Fortune 500 company. Renaissance Marketing will work tirelessly with clients to develop a great strategy, implementation, and tracking… all while working within your budget.

Our SMM Services

Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing in Lynchburg is very different when compared to other advertising mediums. An SMM professional understands that reputation and trust is formed from good interactions and customer relationships. Whether it’s customer service or promoting Reviews, you earn a good reputation on and off the sales floor.
Community Networks Based SMM
Renaissance Marketing has SMM experts on staff who specialize in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other popular Social Media Marketing platforms. Optimizing pages and genuinely helpful content will help users to share the content on those popular social networks and communities.
Organize Social Media Marketing

Is your site social media friendly? Create a friendly hub for bloggers, marketers and journalists with RSS feeds, thus granting the community access to information directly from the main source. This is one reason why SMM is essential to social media success.

Social Media Content

Create high quality content on your site, including, but not limited to: videos, images, PDFs, slideshows, white papers and other Social Media pieces. As a Social Media Marketing company, we also provide SEO services which include creating new content to share, and building links that make your site a trustworthy source.

Our 4 Core Pillars

Understand the Brand, the Goals, and the Dreams
Assess Marketing Strategy
Implement to the Highest Standards
If you can Track it, you can Back it

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