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Renaissance Marketing will always help clients grow by following the 4 Core Pillars
Understand the Brand, the Goals, and the Dreams

In order to truly help our clients, we believe we should know the brand inside and out. What are your values? What is your mission statement? What is your archetype? This is important information that we collect and if you don’t have it, Renaissance Marketing will help you to create it. This is key for successful Digital Marketing in Lynchburg. This will also help us understand what your goals are for the next month, quarter, and year. Ultimately, we will uncover your dreams and the journey will we need to take to get there. Through any bumps in the road, we address them head on together. This transparency and openness is how we have achieved success historically. Now, on to the good stuff…

Assess Marketing Strategy
  • Our experts will work with you to create a truly effective approach to your marketing strategy through market research and analyzing historically successful campaigns. With the help of Renaissance Marketing we can always optimize areas of your Digital Marketing strategy in Lynchburg because there’s always room for improvement. When we follow our 4 core pillars, our last pillar inevitably leads us back to this particular pillar and will help you drive towards your strategic goals and focus on enhancing your ROI.
  • When we take the time to understand your business, it helps form a partnership where we can do our job of picking the best strategy, marketing channels, campaigns, promotions, and on and on.

Implement to the Highest Standards
  • Whoever said, “Do it right or don’t do it at all” had the right idea. We want to make our clients proud here at Renaissance Marketing… which means doing the quality work they would make them proud. Our 3rd pillar is to achieve marketing excellence by producing and executing services of the highest standard.
  • Whether it’s Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, SEO or Digital Marketing in Lynchburg; we will create only the highest quality work and ultimately you will see it in our results. Attention detail is important to us because the difference between 85% effective and 98% is a huge difference when the stakes are high.

If you can Track it, you can Back it
  • Renaissance Marketing is proud to be one of the only Digital Marketing Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville VA area to utilize marketing attribution as a standard, especially for small to midsize businesses. We would say we’re the only to use it for small to midsize businesses in the area because we haven’t seen anyone else advertise it, but copycats are sure to arrive eventually. Marketing Attribution is the science of tracking marketing activity to determine which marketing channels are driving leads and purchases.
  • We will track the success of your marketing campaigns based on traditional values such as clicks, impressions, and leads. However, as often as possible, we will track your leads and sales tied to specific marketing channels and media to paint the picture of exactly which marketing avenue is working, and which is not. This will help us achieve a partnership better than macaroni and cheese. Weird example, but you get it. Go back to Pillar 1, Rinse, Repeat.

Digital Marketing Lynchburg

Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization
  • Industry leading SEO services
  • Dedicated digital managers
  • Results-driven customized strategy
  • Monitoring of competitors and industry
  • Complete transparency And detailed reporting

Search Engine Marketing
  • ROI focused strategies
  • AdWords Certified Partner
  • Leveraging search & ad networks
  • Landing page & ad design
  • Lightweight pivoting SEM strategy

Social Media Marketing
  • Build your follower base
  • Keep them engaged
  • Develop rich content
  • Track it all to results
  • Boost your targeted audiences

Conversion Optimization
  • Creation & implementation of analytics goals and E-commerce tracking
  • Conversion optimization analysis
  • Regular AB split testing

Marketing Attribution
  • Custom campaign strategy
  • Attribute leads to the proper marketing source
  • Give credit to marketing channels where credit is due
  • Indisputable ROI
  • See clearly which advertisements are effective and which are not

Reviews Optimization
  • Maximize positive reviews
  • Mitigate negative reviews
  • Utilize positive review exposure for increased conversion

PR Marketing
  • Build awareness & credibility
  • Targeted media outreach
  • Brand positioning
  • Online Press Releases

E-mail Marketing
  • List development
  • Creative formatting / content development
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Campaign management

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